Mental Health Warrior Manuscript Course

Mental Health Warrior Manuscript Course

Mental Health Warrior Manuscript Course

Caregiver and Sufferer
Addiction & Recovery
Mental Health Conditions
Caregiver Exhaustion
Anxiety or Fear
Course Author
Justin Banks and John Hitchens

There are three types of Mental Health Warriors. To get help, heal, and manage your mental health, you must surrender to the idea that you have a mental health struggle, or you are caring for someone who does, or working to advocate for one. Sometimes it may be all three.

What you will learn

  • Learn who and what a mental health warrior is.
  • Learn why we use "warrior" in our terminology.
  • Gain a basic understanding of how the brain works.
  • Understand essential factors that affect the brain.
  • Learn how to rewire the brain using spiritual disciplines and scripture to change your life by creating healthier habits.
  • Understand what a creed is and how the Rx 4 Wholeness creed can impact your life.
  • Understand the importance and use of Rx 4 Wholeness coin.
  • Learn how Hope, Resilience, and Tenacity lead to Wholeness.
  • Learn how to put all the objectives above into practice within yourself, the Rx 4 Wholeness community, and, eventually, the world.

Course content

Lesson 1: What is a Mental Health Warrior?

Lesson 2: “Warrior” Terminology

Module 1 Knowledge Check

Lesson 1: How the Brain Works; The Basics

Lesson 2: Important Factors That Affect the Brain

Lesson 3: Rewiring the Brain with Spiritual Principles

Lesson 4: Change Is Inevitable

Module 2 Knowledge Check

Lesson 1: The Creed

Lesson 2: Understand the importance and use of the Mental Health Warrior Coin

Module 3 Knowledge Check

Lesson 1: Hope, Resilience, Tenacity, = Wholeness

Lesson 2: Rx4 Wholeness in the Real World

Module 4 Knowledge Check


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