Connie D

As a business owner, I have been exposed to many classes over the years to promote growth, comradery, etc. And not to be critical, but they were all pretty much the same - using the same words, the same bullet points, the same methods. However, recently I've run across the courses on the Rx 4 Wholeness site. I find that these are not the same ol'-same ol'. They are good for business people, and homemakers. They are good for young people and those with a bit more experience under their belts. They are good for companies. They are good for families.

The instructors are quite engaging. I felt like they were right in the room with me even to the point that I had to "look away" when they touched on some painful subjects. The "Forgiveness Course" was probably the most impactful course for me on a personal level. There were such good insights as to what real forgiveness "looks like" that I hadn't considered before. And putting these into practice has made a difference in my mind and heart. I also benefited from the "Communication: Speak to Think - Listen to Understand Course". The practical methods are outstanding - an exceptional course. It's not just a bunch of words or platitudes. I also think that every person on the planet could benefit from the “7-Day Mindfulness Meditation Journey”. Don't merely watch. Don't merely listen to the words. Follow the plan. You may even want to practice this "Journey" once a quarter.

DR Sweeten 
One of the greatest needs in America is the high number of people that struggle with mental and emotional distress. I served distressed Americans as a Clinical Counselor for several decades. The whole time my colleagues and I longed to see ordinary men and women to be equipped with the basic knowledge and skills to support distressed men and women at home, work, school, and church.

Thankfully, His Will Homes is actively joining the call to both be mentally and emotionally healthy themselves while actively supporting organizations that are focused on Mental Health in our communities. 

Dr. Gary Sweeten
Sweeten Life Systems, Inc

Rx4Wholeness has taught me so much and given me so many tools to cope with the struggles I have. My day-to-day life has gotten so much easier, and the groups help me not feel so alone in my journey.

Randy Counselor Pastor
RX4Wholeness is a complete and thorough guide to help people gain mastery in their lives. People who suffer from mild forms of struggle; extreme and continuous bouts of fear, frustration, anxiety, hurt, or depression; will find practical tools to overcome the obstacles that steal their joy and freedom.