Rx - Mentoring

Guidance, Encouragement, Support, and Pray

"As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another"
~ Proverbs 27:17

When a person decides to hike Mt. Everest, they take an experienced guide to help navigate the terrain. The guide is one who has traveled the path once before and knows what tools are needed, which turns to take, any signs of danger, and celebrates when the summit is reached!

The journey to wellness is no different. Having a guide to help the individual grow and change can make all the difference - in both participants' lives. It provides the opportunity to connect with someone who can relate and empathize with an individuals struggles and barriers. His Will Homes has developed a Mentoring Program to help those who are starting their journey to reclaim their lives and matching them with an experienced guide that will help get them to the summit!


As a part of the Rx 4 Wholeness Training, the Mentoring Program has been set up to match those who have lived experience with those who are just beginning their journey. We set out to introduce those who are in need of life enhancing social, developmental, emotional, and Christ - Centered spiritual support with those who, as a part of their own recovery, would like to encourage, guide, and provide companionship. Ultimately, the Mentoring Program offers someone that can assist with translating the lessons learned in our training into practical everyday use and who can encourage and uplift when the everyday gets to be too hard. We strongly believe that this is an essential prescription to a well-rounded recovery.

Make it yours

This program recognizes that the road to recovery is personal and encourages the Mentor and Mentee to make it their own. It is up to the Mentor and the Mentee. Each Mentor will be provided an outline, some ideas, and some tools that can be used but the when, the where, the how will be left in the hands of the participants. Participants will use the content from the Rx 4 Wholeness training courses to spark discussions and give the mentor the opportunity to assist their mentee with processing the lessons. There are a number of ways for communication and interaction with each other including phone calls, emails, texts, meeting for coffee, or attending church together. His Will Homes will also provide several events and trainings throughout the year to foster further interactions and opportunities to connect.



Any person who is actively participating in the Rx 4 Wholeness Training Courses and who has a need for guidance and desire to learn how to execute the lessons in their everyday lives. The program is open to anyone who is honest, open, and willing to have someone with life experience guide them through their recovery.


A person with lived experience, who has completed the Rx 4 Wholeness training modules, and has taken the Mentoring Leadership Training. Mentors should be individuals who have patience, empathy, and compassion to give to others while continuing to work on their own recovery and spiritual fitness. They should be able to encourage, challenge, educate, and support those that they mentor with patience and understanding. Mentors are expected to be available to attend required trainings, spend time with their mentee, and participate in monthly feedback and treatment meetings with the Mentor Program Director.


Be committed to the process of growth with both their time and talent. Be willing to work together for the duration of the Rx 4 Wholeness training and possibly after. Each participant should be able to maintain the strictest of confidence and provide support in a non-judgmental and loving manner. 

What Now

Once you have made the decision to become a mentor or mentee, the Mentor Program Director will follow up with an email that will include an application and a "Get to Know You" assessment. Once those documents have been returned, you will be scheduled for an in person discussion to review your forms and provide you an opportunity to ask questions (by zoom or in person). Using the information learned from the application, the assessment, and discussion - a match will be made with a person who best suits the individuals needs based on personality, schedule, and where they are in their journey. Once matched the mentor and mentee will work together to set up a first meeting and begin their journey together to the summit!

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