RX 4 Wholeness

Welcome, we are thrilled you have decided to delve deeper into who we are and what we are all about. We hope this gives you the information you need to join the Rx 4 Wholeness community and the movement to change how we do mental and emotional health in America and around the world.

Rx 4 Wholeness is an entity of the parent organization called His Will Homes. His Will Homes for 10 years searched to find a better way to house and support individuals who were the most vulnerable and hurting individuals in our society; people who had very little money but also had a mental illness. Their dual problem leaves most of them on the street, jails and in deplorable housing many times with little to no real support or care. According to National Institute of Mental Health 1 in 5 people which equates to about 52 million individuals suffer with a mental illness.  Most believe this is a very low number because many who suffer won’t report that they have problems because of the stigma associated with having a mental illness.  Approximately 20 percent of the individuals who do report they have a problem suffer with severe mental illness, or 10 million people. These are the individuals who are in most need of assistance.

Through our research and surveys, we recognized that many individuals whether they report or not want a community where they can share their heartaches, successes, questions, and lives with other people in a safe, secure, supportive place where they can feel like they belong. They need and want to make and enjoy healthy critical connections. We also know as humans we were designed and created to live in community.  In community, you learn, grow, heal, and share each other’s burdens. The Rx 4 Wholeness app and community was developed and designed By His Will Homes to meet these pressing needs while also reaching individuals with their deep need for housing and supportive care.  

The Rx 4 wholeness community and all that takes place on the app helps us achieve that goal. The individuals on our platform such as caregivers, people who struggle, advocates and others just by being on the platform help us achieve our end goal of providing homes while receiving help themselves. You don’t have to spend a dime (we obviously hope you will because we have some outstanding training, merchandise, and resources but it will also add to our abilities to help more people) but the more individuals we have participating on the community aspect of the platform and engaging in conversations, sharing thoughts, ideas and concerns brings to us advertising and sponsors dollars. The money we receive from advertisers and sponsors goes to sustaining the platform, keeping it state of the art, and hopefully allowing it to continue to be free. But it will also be used to build/rehab and sustain residential care facilities with wrap around care for those who need help the most, while always keeping in mind those who come to us on Rx 4 Wholeness. Basically, it is a “Pay it Forward” concept. The more you do on the platform, such as training, journaling, conversing, sharing the app with friends the more you are ensuring the success of Rx 4 Wholeness and changing the mental and emotional health system.

Rx 4 Wholeness is not professional licensed care. It is additional support to add to everything you may be doing to improve or maintain your mental and emotional health. It is a tool to add to your toolbox along with your other mental and emotional health support team such as a psychiatrist, therapist, family, friends, medicine, etc. Rx 4 Wholeness may be used as the very thing that helps you survive until you finally get an appointment with a professional caregiver or the medicine you need. Rx 4 Wholeness can be used to maintain and improve your health once you receive professional help, or it may be able to proactively keep you from needing professional help. It is designed to be an important aid to help you combat the barriers to mental and emotional health.

We see 5 barriers to helping someone struggling with mental or emotional health we call S.H.A.C.K.  It stands for Stigma that is both internal, external, harmful, and shaming, Housing which is scarce and deplorable, Aloneness which causes disconnection, isolation, and can even end fatally, Care that is inadequate, not person centered, nor engaged in by the patient, and Knowledge where the information out there causes misconceptions and confusion, individuals then decide to suffer in silence, and their conditions go untreated.  All the above-mentioned barriers or (S.H.A.C.K.s) are difficult to overcome, are multifaceted problems, and have a greater affect if you are alone.  However, our online community and platform Rx 4 Wholeness is designed to have an immediate impact on 4 of the 5 barriers: stigma, aloneness, care, and knowledge.  The largest and most difficult barrier to eliminate is the shortage of safe, dignified, and affordable Housing.  You joining and engaging on Rx 4 Wholeness will then enable us to eliminate barrier 5,  Housing.

We hope you will join our community, participate, engage and make connections, go through the Rx 4 Wholeness training program and add it to your Mental and emotional health toolbox. It can be a great resource for you, your family, and friends and in doing so you can have a huge impact on helping those who can’t help themselves. 

Please join us!