Welcome to Rx 4 Wholeness

A 44-second welcome from John Hitchens, Board President & Founder.


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Home Page

A tour of the Rx 4 Wholeness Website. Navigating the:

  • Home page Content,
  • Main Navigation,
  • Account Navigation,
  • User Sidebar Navigation, and
  • Footer Navigation

22 min. 45 sec.

Emergency Contacts

Description of Emergency Contacts and the red Help Now button.

1 min. 7 sec.


Description and how to use the Icons on the Rx 4 Wholeness Website.

13 min. 54 sec.


As a registered user you have a unique profile that tracks and organizes your activity within the community. Your stream serves as a feed to share images/messages directly and view your recent activity within the community.

5 min. 17 sec.

Account Settings

Overview information regarding your account and account settings, where to access and/or make changes.

4 min. 31 sec.

Daily Check-In

Description of a Daily Check-in:

  • Where to Find it.
  • Taking a Check-in.
  • Choose to Receive it or not.
  • Location of where it's Stored.
  • and the Dashboard.

5 min. 6 sec.


Find out where to find Screenings, and how to take one. Many people think these aren't topics they are struggling with, however, after taking a screening, they find that they are struggling in these areas. Screenings are a help to define where you may be struggling. Take as often as you like.

3 min. 49 sec.


Details on

  • How to Find or Search for a Course,
  • How to Order and/or Purchase a Course,
  • Explanation of Introduction Courses,
  • Identify the sections within a Course,
  • How to Use the Course,
  • Where to Take Notes.

7 min. 40 sec.


Information regarding where you will Find and Create your Journals and where Daily Check-in is housed.

5 min. 17 sec.

Mental Health Warrior

  • What is a Mental Health Warrior?
  • Explaining the MHW Creed.
  • Accepting the Creed.
  • How to Purchase a Coin.

5 min. 26 sec.

Prayer Requests

Description of Prayer Requests, where they are housed, the two access points, and how to create.

4 min. 30 sec.


Description of how to find, join, and/or create groups and manage them. Information on Adding Members and assigning Roles for members.

6 min. 34 sec.


Information about what Notifications are, where to find them and how to manage them.

3 min. 17 sec.

Private Messages

Description of the two areas to send out a private message, and how to manage them.

2 min. 7 sec.

Contact Us

Where to go to:

  • Contact the Administrator
  • Become a Mentor or Mentee
  • Donate
  • Volunteer
  • Contact Groups

3 min. 21 sec.