John Hitchens 

Our Founder & President

John Hitchens

John is the Founder and President of His Will Homes, a retired management pilot and supervisory role for American Airlines, a former military fighter pilot who held numerous command jobs and was Director of Operations of Therapy for a 12-facility nursing home organization in Southeastern Ohio. For ten years, His Will Homes tried to find a method to build/rehab and sustain homes for those who struggle with mental and emotional health. On May 01, 2023, His Will Homes launched their answer to the mental health crisis with a new resource called Rx 4 Wholeness. John is excited about the Rx 4 Wholeness because it answered how to help people and sustain homes. Rx 4 Wholeness can do both. It will provide housing from revenue streams developed by its unique technology, but it also helps eliminate Stigma, Aloneness, Care, and Knowledge issues surrounding the mental health crisis. The large gap between families, employees, students, and congregations to professional care can now be filled by Rx 4 Wholeness. Essential skills and mindsets such as hope, resilience, and tenacity can be developed while waiting for critical services or implemented after such care. Rx 4 wholeness platform can save lives by eliminating isolation, burnout, and lost time waiting for help. Rx 4 Wholeness's unique online supportive community, comprehensive training, mentorship program, and other resources eliminate barriers to helping sufferers and loved ones who care for them by leading them to wholeness and teaching them how to manage their lives better. After two years of developing Rx 4 Wholeness, John is thrilled to offer an exciting new powerful resource for hurting people searching for mental and emotional help.


To develop safe, caring, and healthy communities that support the healing and the recovery process of individuals with mental health conditions and those who love them.


Rx 4 Wholeness foresees the day when our movement and work has created a world where mental health conditions will be viewed no differently than any other health challenge. The deadly stigma and isolation associated with mental health will no longer exist. Our movement will have saved thousands and empowered sufferers and caregivers all over the world to live dignified victorious lives through our Christ-centered training and tools.

Goals for 2023

Key objectives that drive success for the Rx 4 Wholeness platform.

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Rx 4 Wholeness Dashboard


Full Launch of Rx 4 Wholeness

Rx 4 Wholeness is a web app that provides tools that help you achieve mental wellness. It serves as a comprehensive training program, consisting of the three principles of Hope, Resilience, and Tenacity. Individuals learn to develop new habits that lead them to wholeness allowing them to thrive.

Grow Rx 4 Wholeness

  • INVITE ESTABLISHED MEDIA to Introduce and promote RX4 as a powerful tool
  • GROW FREE MEMBERSHIPS / Users to Goal of 10,000 Mental Health Warriors and Caregivers
  • ADD 20 NEW CLASSES to help people struggling with mental health
  • GAIN 3 CORPORATIONS committed to utilizing RX4’s private platform for their employees, families and contractors benefit
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Rx4 logo and Mental Health Warrior coin


Expand Growth, Increase Funding

  • PRESENT TO 6 QUALIFIED FUNDING SOURCES with 3-Years to complete sustainability plan
  • ESTABLISH 20 NEW CERTIFIED COUNSELORS for mental health and wellness needs
  • GAIN 3 NEW CORPORATIONS committed to utilizing our private platform for their employees, families and contractors benefit
  • GROW FREE MEMBERSHIPS / Users to Goal of 20,000 Mental Health Warriors and Caregivers
  • PRESENT 2024 GROWTH AND SUSTAINABILITY PLANS to States of Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky for short-term funding