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What is a mental health warrior?

A Mental Health Warrior is anyone who battles anxiety, depression, stress, or other issues, their loved ones who care for them, and the advocates who fight for them. Warriors will find here a safe place to connect, recharge, and learn to thrive. Many warriors live by a creed which lays out principles for how they agree to live. We do too. It is a great tool to help Mental Health Warriors fight their daily battles.

How Do I Become One?

It's not difficult. You must first have an Rx 4 Wholeness account, and in the sidebar menu there is a "Become a Mental Health Warrior" button. On this page you will also find our creed mentioned above. Our creed is a commitment to values and a reminder that no matter what, you are not alone and that God loves and supports you.

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Introducing the "Mental Health Warrior" Coin - a powerful and meaningful way to remind yourself or a loved one that they are never alone in their journey towards better mental health.