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Caregiver Exhaustion

Are you caring for someone struggling with mental health? Do you feel overwhelmed? Do you feel all alone? Are you feeling inadequate to help them? Do you experience any of the struggles below?

If you are experiencing any of these struggles then read our stories from other caregivers and loved ones. If they resonate with you then join our Rx 4 Wholeness community to find the help and support you need.

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General Information

Caring for a loved one is rewarding but stressful. Caregiving can have many rewards. For most caregivers, being there when a loved one needs you is a core value and something you wish to provide.

But a shift in roles and emotions is almost certain. It is natural to feel angry, frustrated, exhausted, alone or sad. Caregiver stress — the emotional and physical stress of caregiving — is common.



  • Discouraged
  • Exhausted
  • Anxious
  • Frustrated
  • Angry
  • Depressed
  • Sad
  • Confused
  • Guilt
  • Overwhelmed
  • Shame
  • Lost

About Rx 4 Wholeness

Our courses are designed to teach you useful skills that help manage struggles and provide structure. Through our Rx 4 Wholeness platform, you will have access to useful tools that help you assess where you are at, find help, create routine, provide healthy outlets, and track progress. See how it works :

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  • Have you ever thought you were battling your mind? Maybe you have been struggling to control your thoughts and behaviors. You may believe the situation will never change.

    Caregiver and Sufferer
    Addiction & Recovery, Relationships, Mental Health Conditions, Loneliness, General, Faith, Caregiver Exhaustion, Bipolar, Anxiety or Fear
  • There are three types of Mental Health Warriors. To get help, heal, and manage your mental health, you must surrender to the idea that you have a mental health st

    Caregiver and Sufferer
    Addiction & Recovery, Mental Health Conditions, Loneliness, General, Faith, Caregiver Exhaustion, Bipolar, Anxiety or Fear
  • Have you ever thought that you were incapable, unable, or just not enough? Have you ever felt, scared, anxious, discouraged, or angry?
    Caregiver and Sufferer
    Addiction & Recovery, Shame, Relationships, Mental Health Conditions, General, Faith, Caregiver Exhaustion, Trauma


Articles from both Rx 4 Wholeness and the Community that deal with this struggle.

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Joining the Rx 4 Wholeness training program can help you find the peace and joy you have been missing. Through habitual practice the skills taught in our training will help you build new neural pathways that will allow your old bad habits to die and new healthy ones to take over.

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