About His Will Homes

The creators of the Rx 4 Wholeness app.

Mission Statement: 

To develop safe, caring, and healthy communities that support the healing and the recovery process of individuals with mental health conditions and those who love them.

We do this by providing H.E.L.P.:

  1. Housing
  2. E learning training 
  3. Loving local and online communities 
  4. Paths to managing stability through lived experience and Christ teachings      

Purpose Statement: 

Our purpose is to build homes for those who are without dignified housing due to their mental health conditions.  Through proactive training rooted in Christ, we also aim to build thriving online communities while raising the funds needed to build homes.

Vision Statement:

His Will Homes foresees the day when our movement and work has created a world where mental health conditions will be viewed no differently than any other health challenge.  The deadly stigma and isolation associated with mental health will no longer exist.  Our movement will have saved thousands and empowered sufferers and caregivers all over the world to live dignified victorious lives through our Christ-centered training and tools.

Our Values: 

We value:

  • God; because without Him none of what His Will Homes accomplishes would happen or really matter.
  • All people; but especially broken, hurting, marginalized people.
  • Family and community; both are gifts from God to help us accomplish our purpose here on earth and to give us a place where we can feel we belong.
  • Service; because when you serve using your God-given talent, you naturally become healthy, happy, and whole. God created us to function this way! 


HWH wants to destroy all the S.H.A.CK.'s.  What are S.h.a.c.ks?  Stigma; both internal and external, harmful, and shaming, Housing; scarce and deplorable, Aloneness; disconnects, isolates, ends fatally, Care; inadequate, not person centered nor engaged in by the patient, and Knowledge; misconceptions, suffer in silence, conditions go untreated.  All the above-mentioned barriers or (S.H.A.C.K.s) are difficult to destroy and multifaceted problems.  Our online community and platform will have immediate impact on 4 of the 5 barriers. However, the largest and most difficult barrier to eliminate is the shortage of safe, dignified, and affordable Housing. (You may have noticed in many places on this page the H/h in housing/homes is italicized. We do so to emphasize the significance of this barrier.  It is also why our home page is mainly dedicated to the housing problem. To be able to reduce and hopefully eliminate the housing barrier, we will be using money generated from the online platform.  Developing the money streams large enough to acquire, run, and sustain homes, warriors on the platform and in our neighborhoods will come together with the weapons of their time, talents, treasure, and world to destroy the s.h.a.c.ks

We focus on the following to take advantage of the opportunities S.H.A.C.K.s presents us:

  • Implement a Care philosophy to significantly impact, if not eliminate the vicious, damaging, expensive cycling between the jails, psychiatric hospitals, streets, and group homes many warriors experience.
  • Create a world class, robust, and unique platform that brings the entire mental health realm to one place.
  • Acquire, run, and sustain the finest homes possible for those warriors who otherwise would live on the streets, in the jails, or in deplorable housing. 
  • Develop Relationships with community care providers that will be fruitful in gaining access for our warriors to the best medical treatment possible to ensure all their physical needs are met.
  • Educate communities so they will welcome His Will Homes into their neighborhood because we safely and compassionately house their hurting neighbors, saving them money and making their environment safer. 
  • Be an organization whose reputation for excellence is only exceeded by our desire to Care


We have a servant leadership model for our organizational structure which is the opposite of most organizations. We also believe that every dollar we raise should go as much as is possible to fulfilling our mission.  Therefore, board members are unpaid and only those actually working in and around our projects are paid.

Our 9 Teams include:  

  1. Intercessory Prayer
  2. Resource / Finance
  3. Financial Provision (fundraising)
  4. Facilities
  5. Medical
  6. Community Awareness
  7. Operations
  8. Human Resources
  9. Volunteer Development 

His Will Homes believes in a bit of a different organizational structure where the most important people are on the top of our organizational chart: The people we serve. 

HWH structure chart